3 Reasons to Host a Backyard Barbecue

A backyard barbecue is the ultimate daytime party – hosts and guests alike can relax and enjoy summer fun together. It’s super easy on you, the host: just set up two tables, one for food and one for drinks, and let guests serve themselves.
If you’re not **ahem** very talented when it comes to grilling ribs or brisket, no worries, The Chef’s Touchcan cater the entire event for you. With mouthwatering options like pit barbecue pork, smoked hunter sausage, and coriander & black pepper-crusted pork-strami ribs, there’s no way you can go wrong.
As summer fast approaches, here are three very good reasons why you should make your next event a backyard barbecue:

It’s So Easy to Plan

Planning a backyard barbecue is really easy, because of its casual nature. There’s no need for place settings and name cards: in fact, you can ditch tables and chairs altogether and lay out some cushions and blankets for a colorful, fun, and relaxed seating area. If you have lots of backyard space, make sure there are loads of activities for everybody to partake in.

It’s Inexpensive

Whether your event is catered or you plan to do the grilling yourself, barbecues are a lot cheaper to host than conventional parties. You can save big by making it a BYOW (Bring Your Own Wine) event – many guests would actually prefer this, since wine tastes tend to differ. Santa Ynez is in the heart of wine country, and Chef Kurt Alldredge of The Chef’s Touch is an expert at matching wines to the food for your event. He can also provide the wine for your barbecue.

You Can Include More People

Since backyard barbecues are so inexpensive and easy to plan, you can expand your guest list. Pick a theme: Texas Style, Hawaiian, Jamaican Jerk – be as creative as you can. Use your theme to design e-vites for the event. Your expanded guest list gives you the option to make your barbecue family oriented as well, so let guests know if children are welcome.
Once you have the right mix of people, good food, drinks, and activities, you’re all set for a memorable event. You can add music, a movie shown on a projector screen, or any other entertainment that suits your fancy.
A backyard barbecue gives you the opportunity to really relax and enjoy your guests, and we at The Chef’s Touch would be delighted to help you do just that. Our mobile barbecue rig allows us to set up a professional grill in just about any backyard, and we can cater your event, leaving you free to join in the fun that’s happening in your outdoor space.