Kurt Alldredge's Catering at the Santa Ynez Valley Historical Museum Brings the Wild West Back to Life

On Wednesday, December 4th, Kurt Alldredge catered a charitable event for the Vaqueros at the Santa Ynez Valley Historical Museum and Carriage House. Kurt was passionate to bring his provincial cooking style to the event. Vaquero is the Spanish word for cowboy, Vaqueros being the horsemen and cattle herders of Spanish Mexico, so the event required particular flavors, flavors that can only be encapsulated in natural grown crops and livestock. Wild West means steaks, roasted vegetables and good drink. But traditional doesn’t mean ordinary. Kurt put his own personal twist on the feeling of the Old West, giving every meal a unique taste.

The Santa Ynez Valley Historical Museum was opened on July 4th, 1961 and it is dedicated to maintaining and celebrating local history exhibits such as the Native American Room, the Jeannette Lyons Costume Room, the Pioneer Room, the Ellen Gleason Library and the Valley Room. Across the early California-styled courtyard, next to the old Santa Ynez jail, is the renowned Park-Janeway Carriage House. The 7,500 square foot compound is house to more than 36 authentic carriages, being one of the finest collections of its type in the United States.

Good times, good food and good company were had. For more information regarding our services, you can visit our home page at http://www.thechefstouch.com. We offer gourmet foods, cooking classes and catering services, all from the experience and love for the art of making food of an experienced chef.

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