The Chef

The Chef's Touch

The Chef’s Touch was created by Kurt Alldredge in 2003. Kurt is dedicated to producing creative and inspiring foods and service with a strong commitment towards using healthy, locally grown and sustainable foods. The Chef’s Touch offers full-service catering and gourmet foods that emphasize the agriculture and extraordinary wines of the Santa Ynez Valley. Executive Chef Kurt describes it as "passion-based cooking" - food cannot be separated from emotion or story, and every dish is a form of expression. With almost 40 years of experience in the food industry Chef Kurt has worked as Executive Chef for such companies as Hyatt Hotels and Resorts and Universal Studios Hollywood as well as many fine dining restaurants throughout the United States. Chef Kurt’s culinary experience includes intimate fine dining, large scale corporate events, movie production food services and movie industry premiere events.

Chef Kurt's level of experience has put him at the top of his profession. One of his mentors was Gernot Leitzinger, former chef to the Prince of Austria, with whom he worked side by side at the Old Europe Restaurant in Pacific Grove. Chef Kurt's passion for cooking, use of only the finest ingredients and his attention to detail come together to provide his customers with an extraordinary experience.

"Creative food that inspires, excites and fuels amazing human beings." Chef Kurt Alldredge